7 Day Candles

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These are glass encased meditation candles meant to assist you with your prayers, wishes and desires.  It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. The names on the candles are to help you focus on your intent during meditation. Some have prayers and instructions printed on the glass. 

Before lighting your candle, clean the wax and glass, then put drops of an appropriate oil on the wax.  If praying for gain massage the oil into the wax in a clockwise motion. If praying to remove, for example, negativity, massage the oil into the wax in a counterclockwise motion.

Using a ruler, mark 7 equidistant, parallel lines down the length of the candle. Burn one section each day while concentrating on your desired outcome. If concentration is broken while burning a section, put the candle out and either engage again later in the day or continue the following day.

There are matching oils & incense for just about every candle.  Just ask!!!